Ride On Plane 6v Twin Motors White With Rc


Ride On Plane 6v Twin Motors White With Rc
Onekey start:

  The fashion button start on the dashboard,press the buttom and hear the authentic engine start-up sounds.

• Opitional parent remote control:

  The car can be used with the normal in-car control,using the padel with the forawrds/reverse gears and steering wheel,or can be used opitionally used remotely with the parent control.The parental radio remote can be operated from up to around 20m away and controls foewards/reverse and moves the steering wheel right and left.

• MP3 player input with  volume adjustment:

This Plane comes with a cable which plugs into the dashboard,allowing a MP3 player or any other device with a headphones socket to be plugged in and the music played through the plane speakers.


Plugging in a device disables the Plane sounds.


• Working lights with music:

  Head and back flashlight with pleasant music.

• Power system with power indicator:

  12V battery and powerful twin motors.



Suitable age range:3-8

• Charge time:15 hours for a full charge

• Battety type:Twin 6V7AH lead acid

• Motor type:Twin drive motors

• Maximum speed:3-5km/h

• Suitable operating surface:Firm,flat surfaces and flat lawns only

• Dimensions:118cm long,80cm wide,40cm high

• Box size and weight:118×80×51cm,18.5KGGW

Email Address: starlightbabies@icloud.com

Phone Number: 07498503654

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